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It is likely that you have experienced a light state of hypnosis at some point today. Perhaps whilst reading the paper, or when you were driving or watching TV. 

Hypnotherapy is using this lovely state of deep relaxation for therapeutic purposes. 

During your hypnotherapy session I will seek to guide you into a super relaxed state, which is also a state of hyper-focus and increased suggestibility. It is in this state that we can be able to focus the mind on creating healthier behaviours, as well as uncovering reasons for specific behaviour patterns. 


Hypnotherapy is frequently used by sportspeople to help them achieve a better stroke, or a more reliable putt. Many have found that they have been able to overcome a longstanding phobia, such as fear of flying or being scared of spiders. Yet others have been able to move away from damaging behaviours such as gambling or smoking, whilst others have found freedom from anxiety, or the confidence to deliver a speech to a room full of people. Many of us simply want to feel better about ourselves and have found that the ego-strengthening that can be achieved through hypnotherapy has unlocked a new future for them.

Hypnotherapy can be used to help you with almost any behaviour that you would like to steer away from or a new behaviour that you would like to embrace. Contact me to discuss further!


Each and every one of us is hypnotisable, and hypnotherapy can be a very powerful tool in helping you in a multitude of areas in your life. 

The common denominator is simply a willingness to take action. 

You may have tried using willpower to move away from a dangerous habit such as smoking, and found difficult to stick with it. Perhaps you made a plan to go to the gym four times a week but slacked off by the third week. Maybe despite knowing you need to loose a dress size in order to fit your wedding dress you still cannot say no to a piece of cake? 

With hypnotherapy we 


Hypnotherapy can be used in conjunction with all other therapies. Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) works particularly well together with hypnotherapy.

At Living Joy Hypnotherapy I use client centred hypnotherapy, which means that I will identify the best course of action for the specific issue that you are looking to address during our consultation, rather than looking to fit a method around your issue.  

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