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Contact me for a free 15 minute chat so that I can book you in and you can look forward to moving towards your goal!

Please note that all hypnotherapists are different. How your session pans out will depend on many things, including

  • How well you connect with your hypnotherapist
  • Your beliefs and expectations of the session(s)
  • How motivated you are

If you've tried hypnotherapy before and were disappointed with the results, this may be because results depend on the expertise of the therapist and their ability to match their techniques to your needs. I would would be happy to talk to you on the phone about how my sessions would be different for you.

Stoptober Offer

October is a fantastic time to start your new addiction free life. If you are looking to become smoke-free, what a better time to do it than during these cold and wintery nights  which you used to spend cooped up outside the pub fagging away?  

Are you looking forward to wearing a specific dress at your Christmas party? Let's find a way to say yes to treating your body with respect and no to foods that do nothing for you.

Do you want to feel confident and sassy and ready to take on the world in 2020? Let's work on finding your most confident self, ready to take on new challenges, in all areas of your life! 

Ready to find love in your life? Would you like a helping hand with your 'shop window'? Let's get it done. 

Sessions last 75-90 minutes depending on your needs.

A single in-person session is £75 (Stoptober discount from £95)

A block of 4 in-person sessions is £250 (Stoptober discount from £360)

Online sessions attract a 15% discount

In-person sessions take place at the lovely Grove Neighbourhood Centre at 7 Bradmore Park Road, Hammersmith, London W6 0DT.

Dating consultations and smoking cessation sessions can also be done online via Skype.

All sessions are through prior appointment only.