Become smoke-free


Are you scared that one day your smoking habit will kill you? 

Are you worried about the example you are setting your children? 

Are you a sportsperson who is  unable to compete at the level you would like to because of your lung capacity? 

Is smoking crippling your finances? Would you rather be funnelling all that money in to a nice holiday or a new car, or perhaps your mortgage? 

Do you hate the smell that lingers on you wherever you go? 

Are you worried about the effect that smoking has on your looks? 

Do you promise yourself to stop smoking every morning you wake up but yet find it difficult to leave this habit behind? 

Perhaps you, like many smokers, are under the illusion that smoking offers your life some benefit. Perhaps you believe that smoking is a part of your identity. It can be difficult to shift these thought patterns consciously. 

Through hypnotherapy you may find achieving freedom from smoking a much easier process than you thought. 

Make the right decision for your future now, a decision to leave the cigarettes and/or vaping and/or weed in your history, and become a non-smoker.

Find your inner confidence for relationships & dating


Are you ready to take control of your love life?

Have you suffered in the hands of a person suffering narcissistic personality disorder? 

Are you unable to stop thinking about a past relationship and what you could have done differently?

Do you keep on repeating the same patterns in relationships, being attracted to a personality type that is toxic for you? 

Is it decades since you last dated and do you feel lost in today’s largely internet based dating arena? Have you lost your dating mojo?  

Are you forever focusing on others without sufficient self-care? 

Together we will find a way back to the self-assured person that resides within you: the person that can walk into any room brimming with self-confidence; who knows that only through loving oneself can one learn how to love others in a healthy and sustainable way;  

who knows what healthy boundaries look like; who is able to walk away from the wrong relationships.

We can work together on creating a dating profile(s) that will help you get back in to the world of dating with all that new found self confidence! There is a real knack to getting your 'shopwindow' right, and having the help of a seasoned expert could be the kickstart you need!

Replace damaging behaviours with self-respecting behaviours


Do you stuff yourself with foods that you know to be unhealthy? 

Do you make plans to get up for a run and in stead press the snooze button repeatedly? 

Do you keep on buying new items of clothing, shoes and handbags to the detriment of your bank balance? 

Do you find yourself frequently drinking way more alcohol than you had planned to? 

Do you spend too much time on your phone to the detriment of your friendships or family life? 

Are you unable to stop gambling? 

Do you have a weekend drug habit you would like to leave behind? 

The wealth and breadth of what we can be addicted to is endless, but the main reason is mostly the same: to quieten that inner voice that keeps on nattering away about our discontent with the state of our lives today and/or an unhappiness with something in our past. By stuffing that feeling of emptiness with excess food, drink, drugs, gambling and ill thought out relationships we are busy patching over what really needs looking at: why we feel so empty in the first place.

Are you ready to live in a technicolor world where you feel your true feelings and see the world clearly? If so, then get in touch!


Working with me you will work with somebody who has empathy for your situation through personal experience.

In September 2018 I left behind a number of addictions, including alcohol and sugar. I understood that the life that I was living no longer served me and that I was not in control of me.

My addictions were making my decisions for me.


I was engaging in a long line of dead-end romantic relationships, and I was unable to maintain healthy boundaries within my friendships. In short, I was disrespecting myself and my body,

and consequently allowing people to treat me with the same disrespect. 

This is a common pattern in many of us, particularly empaths like myself. In a world where stress and anxiety are omnipresent it is important that we all learn how to treat ourselves and our bodies with kindness. Only then can we expect others to do the same for us. 

When working with me you will be working with somebody who understands what it is like to live in the feedback loop that is addiction. What it is like to live with the thinking that a substance, food, gambling, or a person can make us feel better?

This makes us consume more and more of it to make us feel better, when in actual fact we are left feeling worse and worse. The lack of self-worth that we experience through our misuse, and through the deterioration of our health and general wellbeing causes the vicious circle.

This love/loathe relationship, this seesaw of emotion keeps us trapped in this negative behaviour pattern unless we finally accept that we are not in control our lives anymore. That we are not happy. 

Change is not easy. But when you start to see that the change that you are looking to make is all about respecting yourself, your body, and your boundaries, it becomes a much easier task. A necessity for your wellbeing. A blueprint for your life.

I would love us to work together to make that task even easier for you.

Please note that even though I work with addictions and have personal experience on this front I am not able to work with people who are physically addicted to alcohol or hard drugs as you will need medical help for this.

Living Joy founder Monika Scott
Living Joy founder Monika Scott